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It's all about the music.

In the mid-sixties, 93/KHJ Radio released a couple of records to help promote their contests and disc jockeys, along with the great music they played. One release stands out as one of the best 60's rock collection, 30 Boss Goldens.

If you've received a converted copy from LP-to-CD, consider yourself very very lucky. :-) If not, you can still enjoy the classic sounds of the sixties by simply downloading/clicking any of the song titles here. Don't worry about the sound quality, as all of the selections have been digitally remastered and ripped to MP3s at 128Kbps for your listening pleasure on your mp3/media player.

Now, close your eyes and imagine yourself back in 1965. Get out the old AM transistor radio and listen for . . . "Boss Radio! 93/KHJ, Los Angeles."

Yes! The last track is an extra special bonus that only appears here! :-)

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